Friday, January 11, 2013

Who's who

"Can I tell you something? I mean, I know I can but I don't want you to think I..." His voice was pleading. "You already know all my secrets, anyway, it's not news..."

It's true I know a lot about him. All his weaknesses. His strengths, he still finds ways to surprise me with. One being, his ultimate honesty.

"I think she's in the mood and I'm in the mood and I really want to make it work, but sometimes I just can't get hard. I have to be Really turned on, and I can't fake it. Like, my brain plays tricks on me, and the more I worry about it the less it works and I can't just Not worry about it. And L's been having trouble having orgasms, too, so it's like both of us are stressing out on the rare occasion that we're not fighting." Longwindedness, another of his conversational characteristics.

I interrupted. "Have you tried a cock ring?" He had. It helped but not enough. "Do you want advice?" I asked. He did.

"Ok," I said. "I'm you now."

"You're me?"

"Yes. I'm feeling oddly tall. Where are my tits? Damn! I'm all flat chested! Being you sucks!"

He laughed. "Tell me about it."

"So you say to her, 'I want  you tonight. I want to go down on you and taste you and feel you and put my fingers inside you. If anything else happens, that's great, but I really just want to go down on you.'"

"Yeah," he said. "You're right. That's what I need to do."

"Damn. Me too. I really need to get laid now." The image of him, the memory of him between my legs had me all heated up.

"Wait," he said. "Are you still me? Or is that you?"

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