Monday, February 11, 2013

Decision Point

I guess Complicated Lover was sick that night. Otherwise, would he really have gone home early, leaving me alone with the Beautiful Swinger? I imagine not.

I imagine him not leaving. "I've had enough games," I'd have said, as I did say. "Let's sit in the living room and have one more drink."

The Beautiful Swinger is easy to kiss. it happens naturally. You know how sometimes, the first time with someone new, there's escalating tension and indecision and you wonder whether now is the right moment, or now, or maybe now? There's none of that with BS. He's a pro at setting things in motion. His hugs always include a hand on your ass. Or my ass, anyway.

Point being, he's not surprised or uncomfortable when I kiss him as soon as he's sipped from his aforementioned last drink.  Complicated Lover, though, a few feet away on the other side of the L shaped couch, certainly is. He doesn't say anything as I lean over and kiss BS. He doesn't say anything as BS's hand comes up to cup my breast. (Another one of those moves that could be awkward but just seems sweetly natural from BS.) It's not until I straddle BS's lap that CL reacts. "Whoa, there," CL says, hopping up from his seat and steadying my hand. "You're going to lose your drink."

CL's hand is on my hand. He's standing behind me while I grind my body against BS, still kissing him. I feel the moment lengthen as CL realizes the position he's in, the choice he's made. And then he's down on his knees behind me, hands under my shirt, pulling me back against him and biting my neck, making me shiver and squirm and grin.

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