Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tsk Tsk

I had the hotel pool and hot tub to myself when I got there. I hit the button for bubbles and floated around daydreaming about the perfect hook-up. What would my ad specify? Pussy eating, definitely. And a hot tub like this one would be nice....

Someone at the glass pool door broke my reverie. From the distance of the hot tub, I could see a person trying to insert their card in the lock repeatedly. Then dropping their card. Then trying again, more slowly, but with no more luck. I hopped out of the tub and let the person in. The young woman. No, the long-haired young man. He didn't meet my eyes, and I hurried back to the warm water.

From the comfort of the hot tub, I watched him take off his shirt and get in the cold pool. He had good looking shoulders and inoffensive black trunks. It was strange that he hadn't thanked me. I decided to give him a hard time about it if he came in conversation-distance. Maybe he could find a way to make it up to me.

It wasn't long before he got in the hot tub. "People usually say thank you," I said.

He looked a bit frightened. Young, completely thrown off guard. He didn't answer.

"When someone gets out of the hot tub for them, people usually say thanks," I repeated, smiling to show I meant no harm.

"Thank you," he said. "I - I guess I said it too quietly." He looked away from me quickly. The bubbles stopped.

"Well, one of us is going to have to get out again," I said. "I think it's your turn."

"Why?" He looked confused, but willing.

"To turn the bubbles back on. Press that button." I pointed. He clambered out and pressed it and got back in. I noticed his calves. Bicyclist, I decided.

We sat quietly in the bubbles, me glancing at him, him as far away from me as possible. "What are you in town for?" I asked.

"I'm on college visits," he told me. Oh crap. Seventeen. He was seventeen! I considered if he could mean grad school. No. 'College visits' are what high-school students go on. Grad students are 'looking at schools'. I asked him what other schools he was looking at and he told me why he wanted to get so far away from Memphis. He relaxed and smiled. He really was adorable.

He was afraid to look at me when I got out of the water. When I dried my hair I let the towel cover my face, thinking he could get in a good glance or two. But when I moved to drying my back, he was still staring straight ahead painfully. I imagined he was hoping the hot tub bubbles would conceal his erection. Poor kid. It was just as well I hadn't invited him up to my room. I had thought about it, when we were talking. Blowing his mind with a Mrs. Robinson offer. And then I thought it would be selfish of me. Because for an 18 year old boy, going up to a grown woman's hotel room is a big deal. He might even be a virgin. He might never have seen a fully naked woman in person in decent lighting. I might have made his night or ruined his year. No way to know. It wouldn't be right to risk it.

And besides, I didn't have any condoms and I was pretty sure he didn't have any in his trunks.

I wished him luck, and resisted telling him he was adorable.


PS I know this sounds a bit egotistical. It's what I was thinking at the time. Feeling confident, I guess. I considered that he might have been totally repulsed and rejected me. The idea didn't bother me. Don't waste an expensive bottle on someone who prefers light beer, right? Is there anything wrong w/being confident?

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