Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Type Three Orgasms

I spent a large part of Sunday with Quiet Man, and Monday I took the day off from work to spend it with Complicate Lover. It was extreme indulgence. I feel sated and fat, like I ought to fast for a few days.

CL pushed me hard. He gave me orgasms until I was satisfied, then forced more on me until I begged and fought, then held me down and growled, which made me come some more.

I used my safe word when I started to feel like I'd be too sore to fuck if he didn't stop.

The orgasms were good. I arched my back and clenched my pussy at each peak. They hurt a little, from g-spot stimulation, if his fingers were inside me. They felt a little hollow if his fingers weren't inside me.

"Type one orgasms," I said to CL. "I figured out why I only have type three when I'm alone."

"Wait, what's type two?" he asked. "Is type one good or bad?"

So I had to go back and explain.

Of course orgasms vary widely. Different women experience them differently, and while some have just one set way of coming, many have a range. My range is wider than three, but I can generally class any orgasm I have as one, two, or three.

One - g-spot or external stimulation. Mildly pleasurable and spasmodic. Leave me wanting more.

Two - AKA why I'm primarily straight. I only have these from fucking. Not from finger fucking and not generally a dildo. either. Mostly only cock can give me this level of out-of-control pleasure. Loudness, full body spasms, and major enjoyment.

Three - The best possible feeling ever exploding my entire body. This orgasm can go on and on, if pushed, or end and leave me completely satisfied. If I'm alone, it's loud and messy and involves thrashing around a lot. If I'm masturbating after sex and my partner is sleeping, it's just a quick full body clenching and a near-painful peak of concentrated pleasure. Like swigging a shot of whisky, it burns and elates and leaves me relaxed.

Type three orgasms are fueled by fantasies. Generally degrading fantasies, where I'm being forced to do something repellent, or punished for being an out-of-control slut. I can't get lost in fantasy when I'm with a partner, so I only have these when I'm alone. Or on the phone, that seems to work, if my caller wants to call me names and tell me how he'd use me.

"You need to distance yourself from that extreme pleasure," CL ventured.

I used to only have type 3 orgasms. Back when I was young and disgusted by sex. When my stepfather licked me to orgasm and slid a finger into my too-tight pussy. Back then I had blinding orgasms even though they were the last thing I wanted.

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