Thursday, April 11, 2013

One More Breath of Magnetic Air

Last night was a strange one. Complicated Lover was there with the woman he likes and the woman who wants him. I stood around with them for a while but then I started feeling like a harem member and wandered off. Besides, the man I was thinking about was in another part of the club.

He's shy, or so i'd thought a week ago. He's got blue eyes. (I don't remember faces, or eyes, particularly well, but I seem to have a subconscious thing for blue eyes nonetheless.) I know more than I should about him. Let's call him Quiet Person..

QP likes me and I like him back and yes, I do mean like like. He's innocent seeming, though, and I worry about that. "Why?" CL asked me when I called him for a consult. "Most men like being corrupted."

"I've got no problem with the corrupting aspect," I said. "It's more... the cheating. And the not-falling-in-love."

So after we left the club I pulled QP into the alley. "Listen," I said. "I want to say something probably premature and totally inappropriate. Is that ok?"

"Sure," he said.

"I like you, and I'm definitely attracted to you ..." I could feel him waiting for the brush off. I hesitated. I wanted another moment of the mutual attraction. One more breath of magnetic air. "I'm attracted to you and I think it's mutual ..." He smiled at me. If I'd leaned in he'd of kissed me, but I didn't. Instead I finished up with the truth. "I'm not in an open marriage. Sometimes I cheat. I thought you should know."

QP nodded. "I was going to ask you about your situation," he said. He didn't say more. We hugged goodnight.

Today he texted me a random "How's your day?" so I don't know how he took it.

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