Thursday, January 31, 2013

BOSS-Y Store 1111

1.Super-elastic material, can be arbitrarily adjust the tightness, allowing you to quickly focus on sweating!

I knew I was supposed to shower first, but I couldn't resist peeking in His bedroom, first. There they were laid out on the bed, as he'd said they would be. Three pairs of panties, in three colors. "Put on your favorite," he'd said. The panties looked normal enough. Maybe a bit smaller than the underwear I would normally choose for myself. But that was to be expected when a man bought one underwear! I picked the white ones up and examined the back. Oho! That's what was so special about them! The lower half of the panties' rear was sheer fabric. The fabric above had cheerful red polka dots on the white fabric, and at the center back was a large, white, bow. Definitely Lolita-wear. I loved them. 

2.Can be used with essential oil, SPA salt, massage cream to massage and other commodities, the effect doubled.

I picked the pink ones (with white polka dots on the backside) as the best match for my fitted white tee shirt, and headed to the bathroom for my shower. I moisturized with the jasmine scented oil he'd complimented. The scent was subtle, but it left my skin silky smooth. I slipped the new panties on in front of the mirror. They fit perfectly. The front was smooth, slightly puffed by the curl of my pubic hair.  I turned around and twisted to see the back. He'd made a good choice. My ass cheeks looked pale and round and full below the sweet little ribbon of pink. The ribbon sat just below the dimple at the base of my spine. And in between, the fabric cupped me lightly. Teasingly. As if he were here, trailing His fingers ever so lightly over my labia.

If only he Were here. But in His absence, he'd given me tasks to do, and I was quivering to continue through them. Into the living room, then. There was the toy he'd promised on the glass coffee table, as arranged. 

 I placed my phone camera-lens down on the transparent table top and arranged myself underneath so the camera would capture my underwear. I was buzzing with anticipation. I could feel that I was already getting damp. The underwear was sticking to me a little at the crotch. I could feel it as I shifted on the carpet, trying to make sure I was in the right position.

3.The patch contains the elastic material with excellent adhesion specially to meet the movement will not come off using the shift, you can complete coating, immediately sculpture of your waist.

I reached up for the toy he'd left me. It was a small curve of soft plastic, designed to nestle on the pubis with its rounded tip against the clitoris. I turned it on to the lowest setting, as I'd been instructed, and place it inside my underwear. It was harder than I'd expected to get it under the elastic fabric. It felt like I'd been sweating, and the fabric was slightly stuck against me.

The toy's vibration was extremely low. I had to lay still to feel its soft throbbing. Fair enough - he'd told me to lay still. "Turn on the camera and then lay still with your hands at your sides. I want to see your arousal, not your masturbation." 

He would see my arousal. I was soaking the underwear, I felt sure. The fabric was tight against my skin, much tighter than it had seemed earlier. The constriction felt good, like hands holding my hips, tight and controlling. The ache in my pussy was intense. The fabric (could it be shrinking from getting wet?) squeezed the little vibrator against my clit. The slow, quiet thrums of vibration were tantalizing. Torturous. Where a higher setting might have numbed me, this subtle sensation drew me into its slow rhythm  My hips rose and fell in time with its humming. And the panties seemed to grow tighter still. They didn't pinch, like a new bra. They squeezed, like a corset, only oddly positioned, somewhere between a girdle and a belt. My breathing felt constricted. 

Time passed in that delirious timelessness of helpless desire. I squirmed and moaned. I wanted to push the vibrator into me, I wanted a mouth on my breasts, I wanted him here, fucking me hard, over and over. I gave up trying to lay still, but when I tried to shove my hand inside my panties, it didn't work. They'd molded to me like a second skin. Unlike a second skin, I could feel nothing through them. I tried the press the vibrator harder into my clit, but the underwear fabric was unyielding. I rolled over, desperate, thrusting my pelvis against the floor. Nothing. 

My breath was coming hard and fast. I felt as if I couldn't get enough air. Though I could have sworn the panties only went to the top of my hips, I felt them tightly wrapped around my waist up to my ribs. I shifted and struggled, for air and for satisfaction. Nothing made any sense but how could it when I was so dizzy and desperate? I'm sure I shrieked and moaned and cried. I know I had bruises from where my legs banged against the table leg (that table leg which, when clenched between my thighs, had also failed to stimulate me through my underwear).

At last, vision darkening, a kind of peace came over me. I felt my orgasm near, though unreachable. I imagined Him watching me through the camera lens. I lay still. For a moment I felt as if I might be fading away. Then, molecule by molecule, I came to life again. Pleasure spread from my center, taking the form of tiny lights, awakening my skin. Overwhelming, arcing orgasm raced through my body, bright as lightening. I fell apart and came together again.

4.To wear off easily, easy to use and can be cleaned reused

In time, I regained a sense of place and self and ordinariness. I loosened my fingers from gripping the carpet. I removed the still-thrumming vibrator from my perfectly ordinary underwear. I extracted myself from under the coffee table and turned off the camera. And then, per His instructions, I went to bed. The other two pairs of panties would be waiting for me tomorrow.

5.Posted a sense of floating ultra-thin material, at any time can be used.

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